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Topologies for a Vertical Sound by Anne Katrine Senstad with sound, poetry, text and calligraphy by Catherine C. Hennix. An immersive sensorial environment exhibiton containing multi video projection, sound, fabrics, light and plexiglass sculpture installations in response to the architectural, historic and devotional space. Please visit the link below to read the exhibition statement on the case of the Displaced Exhibitions in Absentia.

May 10 - August 6 2017

Centro Culturale Don Orione Artigianelli
Zattere, 909/A
30123 Venezia

Download pdf exhibition statement

Sonoilluminescences, a text as art document containing poetry and calligraphy by Catherine C. Hennix

Link to video of the interior section of the immersive exhibition



Graphic Design by Nugamshi Nu
Illustrations by Markley Boyer

Funded in part by Arts Council Norway - Kunst og Ny Teknologi 2016 (Infinitesimal)