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Title: ELEMENTS BLUE, 2020

9,38 min

HD Single Channel Video

Sound composed by Catherine Christer Hennix, The Well Tuned Marimba, 1976.(Courtesy of CC Hennix/Blank Forms/Empty Editions)

Link to 1 min video clip here


ELEMENTS Blue is a video work based on Senstad's neon structure and spatial lightand sound environment installation ELEMENTS III Blue, 2019, that was the center piece for Senstad's solo exhibition Beckoned to Blue at SL Gallery in New York. The video documents the experiential and cognitive aspects of the installation rather than as a purely technical document. As a truly immersive and transfornative monochromatic art work, the video travels through segments of electricity, neon gas and the macroverse of the blue minimal matrix sculpture.

The video is created for Senstad's solo exhibition The Third Horizon, curated by Sarah Walko - Open Art Advisory, 2020. Online Gallery. Nov 24, 2020 - Feb 28, 2021.


©annekatrinesenstad 2020