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Video Art / Short Film / Documentary Titles - 2000 -2020


Title:  SC.01.01. 2001

Title:  Light Writes Always in Plural - Light Displacement, Section One, Two and Three  2007-09

Title:  The Reason for My Life 2009

Title:  The River of Migration 2010

Title: Colour Synesthesia - Spatial Projections series 2010-15

Title: The Locker Plant Projections  2011

Title: The Venus Chapter  2011

Title: The Infinity of Colour : THISISNOTAGALLERY 2011

Title: Kinesthesia in Kvinesdal : Utsikten Kunstsenter 2011

Title: The Sugarcane Labyrinth 2011

Title: Projections of The Surreal 2012

Title: The Vanitiy of Vanities - 56th Venice Biennale 2013-15

Title: Tears on a Coffin 2013

Title: Scrolling Biblical Text 2013

Title: The Swamp - 56th Venice Biennale 2014-15

Title: Sonoptic Parallels exhibition documentation : Abu Dhabi Art Hub and ISEA Dubai2014

Title: Colour on a Corner projection installations 2015

Title: Colour Synesthesia VI hanging monitor installation 2015


Title: The Sensory Chamber (Version I) Beckoned to Blue 2019

Title: The Sensory Chamber (Version II)- Kai Art Center, 2020

Title: The Sensory Chamber (Version III) - Patioo Monoroom, 2020-21

Title: The Sensory Chamber (Version IV) - Seinajöki Kunsthall, 2021

Title:ELEMENTS BLUE - Open Art Advisory, 2020

Title: UTOPIE / UTOPIA (How We Live Together), 2020-21

Title: MÔNOSIS / MONOSIS (How We Live Together), 2020-21

Title: MARGINALITÉS / MARGINALITIES (How We Live Together), 2020-21

Title: XÉNITEIA / XENITEIA (How We Live Together), 2020-21
















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