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Title:The Sensory Chamber (Version III) , 2020

38 min loop

HD Single Channel Video

Sound composed by JG Thirlwell

Link to 1 min video clip here

The Sensory Chamber, solo exhibition, Sept 17 - Dec 17, 2020.

Patioo Monoroom, Sotogrande, Spain.

Curated by Camilla and Firouz Farmanfarmaian, founders of the cross cultural platform Nouvelle Vague Art Spaces and Patioo Monoroom.


Almost out of the sky, half of the moon anchors betwen two mountains. Whirling, wandering night, the digger of eyes. Let us see how manysparkling stars disperse a watery body.

Almost out of the Sky, Poem no 11

Pablo Neruda, 1924



The Sensory Chamber is the third version of the projection, salt and sound installation with the same title, yet with varying geographical considerations and locations, exhibition contexts and physical manifestations.The Sensory Chamber is a transformative sensorial installation that includes 2 x 18.33 min video works in 2 variable blue tones projected onto a bed of salt with an exclusive sound composition by renowned composer JG Thirlwell.t.

The Sensory Chamber is a dialgoue between the cosmology of perception, the scientific realms of luminal velocity and other poetic interpretations of science, as well as on the lyrical ephemerality of light, where light is defined by a topology of verticality and a horizontal matrix, a light monument.

Entering the physically enclosed chamber with a central bed of salt reflecting sparkles and monochromatic cellular transformations, the viewer is invited to experience the internal vastness as existing within our interior infitine spheres in our own body and mind, emphasizing the psychological realms and the dream space. The video compositions expand and contract, through elongated shapes and circular forms resembling human shape in dissolution and manifestation, as the glitch like particles dance between voids of nothingness and mass as noise and speckles in ascension, with a magnetized force. With this, the sound piece creates floating spatial sensations between the gravity of Thirlwells sonic universe and the moonlike materiality of salt, with light as the portal into the meditative infinite.

©annekatrinesenstad 2020