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18.22 mib loop

HD Single Channel Video

Sound composed by C.C.Hennix

LINK TO CLIP: Beckoned to Blue

LINK TO CLIP: Beckoned to Red

LINK TO CLIP: Beckoned to Black

LINK TO CLIP: Beckoned to Green

The video Beckoned to Blue, Red, Green and Black is a multi channel installation piece with sound composed by renowened polymath CC Hennix (The Well Tuned Marimba, 1978. Recorded Live at Museum of Modern Art Stockholm in 1978, courtesy of Hennix / Blank Forms Editions / Empty Editions)

The first video in the Beckoned series was part of Senstad's solo exhibition Beckoned to Blue at SL Gallery, New York, 2019 as a sensory chamber installation accompanying an experiential, architectural sculptural neon and structural installation entitled ELEMENTS III - Blue, as a dialgoue between the cosmology of perception, the realms of luminal velocity andother scientific references, as well as the lyrical ephemerality of blue - and as a topology of verticality and horizontal matrix, manifested as an immersive spatial light grid.

Entering the physically enclosed chamber, a reductive architectural space with the projected vertical video work and Hennix's sound piece amplifying the elements of particles and electrical currents, the viewer is invited to experience the internal vastness as existing in our interior spheres in our own body and mind emphasizing the psychological and dream space. The video compositions expand and contract, through verticality and forms resembling human shape in dissolution and manifestation, as the glitch like particles dance between voids of nothingness and mass as noise and speckles in ascension, and magnetized force. With this, the sound piece creates floating spatial sensations between the gravity of Hennix's keyboard, sinewave generator and the Sheng, a traditional Chinese polyphonic reed instrument.

©annekatrinesenstad 2019