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The River of Migration - A Permanent Light and Land installation at Life is Art Foundation West, California 2010

The Light House - A Site Specific Installation in New Orleans 2007-08

The Sugarcane Labyrinth - An Agicultural Land Art Project in Theriot, Louisiana 2009

Urban Sugarcane Farm - An Agricultural Land Art Project in New Orleans 2009

Site Specific installations - With KK Projects during Prospect 1 in New Orleans 2008-09

Real Estate Representation - A Situation and Time Specific installation - 2009

Diaspora USA Chapter - An installation at The LAB (for Installation + Performance Art) in New York 2009

Site Specific Neon Sentence Installation - Zendai MOMA in Shanghai 2008

Liwa Oasis, Desert Interventions - Site Specific performative and object installations, UAE 2014 

Sonoptic Parallels - Multiple projection installations, UAE 2014 

Color Gamut LED Light Wash - Texas, 2015

Pink Bifurcations - Site Specific Land Art, Mexico 2012                              

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