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IMMERSIVE WORLD PBS Channel 13 The EMMY award winning TV documentary series presents Anne Katrine Senstad alongside James Turrell, Dan Flavin and Anthony McCall as light sculptors in episodes Immersive Light and Immersive Museum. First launched in 2020 the series has in 2021 been aired on RAI 5 in Italy, in Brazil, Germany and France, in addition to being available on WNET/ and PBS until 2030. Created and produced by Producing Partners, New York.

Kunstavisen, Norway (in Norwegian) - Sansningens Politikk/ The Politics of Perception by Siri Meyer, art critic, author and historian. Feb 10, 2021

Bergens Tidende, Norway (in Norwegian) - Music for Plutocracy review by Renate Rivedal (Strålande Lyskjegler), Jan 26, 2021

CULTURAMA no 45, Nov 2020 - Paris, France. Video interview and online Magazine Issue - Anne Katrine Senstad: Some Everyday Spaces

Rome Central Magazine, Italy - The Sensory Chamber, Patioo Monoroom, Spain - in depth interview, (English and Italian) by Sveva Manfredi Zavaglia, Oct 23, 2020

SG Magazine, Spain - The Sensory Chamber, Patioo Monoroom, Spain - A New Era in Art, Nov 2020 issue

Art Daily - How We Live Together, Yi Gallery, New York - New Work by Anne Katrine Senstad, exhibition review, Aug 2020

L +D Magazine, Brazil - Radical Liight / Kai Art Center - Architecture and Light Design Magazine, Sept 2020 issue

ARC Magazine, UK - Elements Blue - Architecture and Light Design Magazine/SL Gallery, New York, July 2019 issue

All - a PBS TV station, New York - IMMERSIVE WORLD - a 12 episode TV culture program. Episode 9 IMMERSIVE LIGHT: Anne Katrine Senstad, Dan Flavin/Dia Art Foundation, James Turrell, Anthony McCall. The series nominated for and EMMY award 2021.

Canal 1 Arte, Brazil - IMMERSIVE WORLD 1 min Trailer from the 9th episode of a 10 episode TV documentary on immersive art. Aired December , 2019

Kai Art Center - TV publicity interview, 1 min - online streaming, Radical Light, 2/1/2020

Kultuurimeeter - TV documentary and interview Radical Light, Kai Art Center, Estonia. In English,15 min, premiered 2/1/2020

Nurgivaki TV - 10 min TV reportage on Radical Light, KAi Art Center/popular weekend TV show. In Estonian and English. From 11min.

Eesti Paevaleht- Radical Light, online reportage, in Estonian. 1/22/2020

Eesti Paevaleht Weekend - print full page- Radical Light, interview, in Estonian

PASTAIGA - Fashion Magazine, FInland - Exhibition and Kai Art Center reportage, 3 pages, in Finnish. Feb issue 2020

Eesti Express - Estonian Newspaper, weekend edition,in Estonian, 1/22/2020

Kultuur.ino, Estonia - Exhibition review, Radical Light, Kai Art Center, in Estonian. 3/1/2020

Kultuur Postimees - Exhibition review Radical Light, Kai Art Center Estonia.In Estonian,1/26/2020

ANTE Magazine - Exhibition Review: Kind of Green Gestures Towards Solving the Climate Emergency, July 2, 2019

ARTRON China - Kind of Green, June 11, 2019

LOHAS Magazine China - Kind of Green, June 11, 2019

VOGUE China - Kind of Green, June 11, 2019

Harber Arts - Beckoned to Blue, May 22, 2019

Interview Art Frontier Magazine  By Tansy Xiao and Patrick Rolandelli, China. In English and Chinese. Anne Senstad - A Postmodern Folklore. 2018

Interview EAZEL Magazine, Korea ( eng). Artist Anne Senstad By Tansy Xiao. Aug 2018 Issue.

Interview Magasinet KUNST  By Frøydis Benestad Hansen Hågvard. (In Norwegian). 6 pages. Anne Senstad - All The Eye Cannot See. 2018

Exhibition Catalogue  Scene Unseen - On Contemporary Nordic Art and Design at He Xienagning Art Museum. Softcover. 180 pages. Anne Senstad: Pages 86 - 93.

VLOG Arts and Culture, China -( In Chinese only) - He Xiangning Art Museum Scene Unseen Nordic Art in The Subtropics, 12/6/2018

Phoenix Art and Culture - Shenzhen, China. (In Chinese only) He Xiangning Art Museum Scene Unseen Nordic Art in The Subtropics, 12/6/2018

The Gambit, New Orleans - Review: 10 Years 10 Artists exhibition at Octavia Art Gallery, by D.Eric Brookhardt. Aug 27, 2018

Review in Saudi Gazette June 2, 2018 Through The Spectrum at ATHR Gallery: Anne Senstad, James Turrell, Robert Irwin, Leo Villareal, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Nasser Al-Salem and Timo Nasseri

Bruges Art and Architecture Triennale 2015 Full Walking Guide booklet Anne Katrine Senstad - GOLD GUIDES ME (Capitalism in the Public Relam)

Bruges Art and Architecture Triennale Catalogue 2015 Anne Katrine Senstad - GOLD GUIDES ME (Capitalism in the Public Relam)

Interview OrNot Magazine, Light Writes Always in Plural, by Sarah Corona. May 10, 2014 (in Italian)

Interview BerlinArtLink, Light Writes Always in Plural, by Sarah Corona.Aprli 8, 2014

Interview in Eyes Towards the Dove, The Raven, by Sarah Walko July 29, 2014

Manifesto, Shanghai, 2013-14, Issue 20. 8 Pages. Text and images by Anne Katrine Senstad. Published by The Design Republic.

Interview Hyperallergic, Sight, Sound, and the Colors of Perception by Sarah Walko. September 19, 2013

Hyperallergic: For one night, a city lights up with Art, by Sarah Walko, Oct 25th, 2013.

Exhibition catalogue - Metamorphoses of the Virtual 100 Years of Art and Freedom, Officina delle Zattere, Venice Biennial 2013, texts by Celina Jeffery, Kjetil Røed, Christine Buci-Glucksmann, Ryan Jordan, Jonathan Kemp, Philippe Piquet, David Rosenberg, Roberta Semeraro

Journal of Curatorial Studies - Volume 1 Number 3, Exhibition review of PRETERNATURAL by Christine Conley, University of Ottawa. Curated by Celina Jeffery.

WBGU TV interview on the installation of Public Art Commission at The Wolfe Center for the Arts, Bowling Green, Ohio, September 2011

Exhibition catalogue : Preternatural, by Celina Jeffery. In conjunction with the exhibition Preternatural at The Canadian Museum of Nature and St Brigid's Center for the Arts, Ottawa - Canada. 2011-12

Interview in KUNST, Norway - Sensibel Fotokunst , sept 2011 issue by Anne Marit Muri

E-catalogue, solo show Is Her Name Red? - PDF

Exhibition Review: Morgenbladet, Norway - En Blå Stemme?, By Tommy Olsson
Exhibition Review: Kunstkritikk, Norway - Nasjonens Farge?, by Arne Skaug Olsen
Exhibition catalogue: Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine, Kyev - AUT 2011 - Neurodiversity

Review M Magazine of Winter Salon 2008-09 Bjorn Ressle Gallery by Joel Simpson

Review in Artvoices: Catherine Burke, Feb issue 2008, page 31 - The Light House

Essay in Drain, online journal, Art and Theory : Celina Jeffery: I Am Not Here: Identifying Contemplation in the Cool Spaces of Contemporary Art, 2009
Zendai Moma exhibition Catalogue: Intrude Art Issue 4 - 2008

RCC catalogue
Exhibition catalogue essay by Malin Barth, Director Stiftelsen 3,14 for the exhibition Is Her Name Red?
Exhibition catalogue essay : Gary Snyder: Recent work

Exhibition catalogue essay : Gary Snyder: Visual Absolute

Exhibition catalogue essay : Tracey Hummer; Light Color Sound
Exhibition Catalogue essay : Malin Barth: Is her name Red?

New York Times: Roberta Smith; Across the Generations, Side by Side

(T)here magazine, Nord-Man

HENNE, Norway
Dagbladet, Norway
Dagbladet, Norway
Dagbladet, Norway

Critic's choice, Denver Post, US
SPOT - Houston Center for Photography 2007 "Antennae"

VG Nobel Center exhibition review, Norway

International Herald Tribune, Nobel Center exhibition review

Nobel Center Exhibition Poster


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